Telepathy | Restoring Lesbianism.

Telepathy | A Mantis origin story Part one at GirlsWay.

Telepathy | A Mantis origin story | Part one

As you know (at least if you are among our beloved regular readers) 2015 was the Year of the Lesbocalypse. Dr. Elixir’s  (Jelena Jensen‘s) blooming tea, a secret formula that turns every girl into a maniac lesbian, spread worldwide, causing a massive outbreak of lesbianism throughout the globe.

Telepathy | A Mantis origin story Part one at GirlsWay.
Dr Elixir (Jelena Jensen) and her maniac lesbians.

A governmental organization called AWAL quickly took action and created a vaccine to treat the public and restore life to normal. The US congress passed the normalcy act which forbade any heterosexual woman to be in direct contact with lesbians nationwide.

MANTIS | Fighting homophobic ignorance.

But there’s also MANTIS, secret organization prepared to restore lesbianism and fight homophobic ignorance. They decide to get Haley aka ‘Patient Zero’ away from AWAL and infecting her with Dr. Elixir’s serum once again. Their plan is to organize a covert film production casting Mia Malkova to play Haley but things don’t exactly turn out the way they had hoped.

A single drop that will change her forever.

As Haley sits with producer Cassidy Klein, Mia and co-star Samantha Rone who will play her foster sister, Haley recaps her traumatic life changing experience at the wellness retreat where her friends and family were held as prisoners and forced to drink the same tea she did, turning them into horrific lesbian monsters.

Telepathy | A Mantis origin story Part one at GirlsWay.

Haley cannot talk any longer, the memories haunting her with ghastly flashbacks. Samantha offers to get her some water and heads towards the kitchen where she sneaks a drop of Dr Elixir’s potion into Haley’s water. However, accidentally it is Mia takes a sip unaware that her life as she knows it will be changed forever.

She starts hearing lesbian thoughts.

Hours go by and Mia feels the effects of the serum, visions of women’s pussies running through her head causing her to pass out. She wakes up on the floor. Her head is spinning, confused.  On set, Mia starts hearing Samantha’s lesbian thoughts demanding that Mia kiss her, which puts a stop to the production. Mia leaves the set and in the changing room goes over her thoughts, thinking she’s going crazy as the vision become more apparent. Samantha walks in and apologizes about what happened on set, but the voices inside her head become clearer and stronger urging her to make lesbian love with Samantha. They kiss with passion which quickly leads to them becoming completely naked, Samantha sucking on Mia’s boobs and pussy. They engage in relentless finger fucking, tribbing and euphoric bliss where they promise one another this will never get out.

That is until Mia hears Samantha’s thoughts again about the serum and how she infected her with the serum instead of Haley. …

To be continued.

Telepathy | A Mantis origin story

is the latest teamwork of Bree Mills and Stills by Alan. Another highlight of lesbian fantasy shot at GirlsWay.