The Surrender by Toni Bentley inspires Tiffany Doll

Erika Lust’s “His Was First In My Ass” celebrates The Surrender.

The Surrender, An Erotic Memoir by Toni Bentley caused considerable notoriety upon publication in 2004 due to its subject matter: heterosexual sodomy and the author’s celebration of female sexual submission.  It has been translated into eighteen languages and  a one-woman play adaptation was produced by the Spanish National Theatre. Now it has become the inspiration for a delicious short film from Lustcinema.

He Was First In My Ass is the first XConfessions film showing analsex, doing so in an erotic, pleasurable and beautiful way. Inspired by Toni Bentley’s erotic book, Erika Lust tells a poetic tale of the taboo and the sexual liberty it can bring to those who love it. The film celebrates the pleasures outside of convention by capturing a passionate encounter with two amazing performers: Tiffany Doll and Jay Smooth.