Tori Black by Nobuyoshi Araki

  • Tori Black nude bondage by Nobuyoshi Araki

Tori Black in fine nude bondage.

Legendary adult actress Tori Black went Shibari for the lens of Japanese master of photography Nobuyoshi Araki. The delicate shot was created for Richardson mag #7 and was accompanied by an in deep interview by Karley “Slutever” Sciortino.


It had more to do with power. Like I could steal your soul out of your eyes. It was like: I want to be perfect in your eyes, to capture you, to control you, to make you do things you would never otherwise do. That was my high—my orgasm. I wanted to seduce everybody in the room. I wanted the sound guy, I wanted the lighting guy, I wanted the camera man, I wanted all my fans, even my agent, I even wanted my agent to wish he could goddamn experience me. I wanted that power, not to make them have sex with me, but I wanted everyone in the room to be in love with me, to become completely engulfed in this perfect creature I’d created called Tori Black.

all images via slutever