Yesenia | Love lost by Paul Barbera

  • Yesenia from love lost by Paul Barbera

Yesenia from the ongoing series Love Lost by Paul Barbera.

A sublime, poetic photo story without any narration, shot in East Village, NY.
Paul is a skilled interior and live style photographer using mostly natural light only to create authenticity with minimal approach. It is only natural that he captures moments of love, memory and beauty in a similiar, nearby invisible way.

The mystery is the critical element; I don’t want to explain the where/who or even the how. It’s about the moments and the innate sensuality that they express. In my experience we go through tremendous suffering and incredible joy when in love. My intention is for the project to offer an exposé into the surrounding emotions. The aim is not to reinvent the wheel, it’s to offer my perspective, my viewpoints and hopefully create something of timeless beauty. I don’t want to intellectualize this; love and loss is natural to all of us. Paul Barbera


Paul Barbera has turned his long term passion project Love-lost into an ongoing series of publications with the first limited edition book available from Dashwood Books New York and through KK outlet in London. You can buy Love Lost here