Elsa Jean and Lily Cade | The Plumber

Elsa Jean as a nude nypho and Lily Cade as lesbian tomboy plumber in The Plumber, a video at girlsway.

Super Maria Lily Cade saves Elsa Jean, a Nympho in despair.

Stills by Alan, the guy with the lesbian heart, and his sister in sin, Bree Mills, are back at what they do best: enjoying kinky clichés to the fullest. This time it’s the tale of the lonely housewife and the potent plumber. But, as in The Business Of Women or The Turning, they tell their fables with a twist. The desperate housewife is an adolescent rascal and the tinsmith is a tomboy.

Finally, Elsa Jean is home alone and with daddy out of the picture, she calls her boyfriends for a quick little fuck fix. But all her fuck buddies are either too busy with band practice or football, so this nymphomaniac makes any excuse to have anyone come over for some good old fashioned pussy pumping. She finally convinces her father that there is a clog in the pipe and it needs a plumber; if he only knew the kind of cleaning she is going to get!

Lily Cade, knocks on her clients door, and is greeted by Elsa wearing very provocative lingerie. Elsa’s transparency is clear, convincing Lily her pipes are very leaky and is in dire need to have them fixed. Going on all fours, Lily looks under the sink, showing her charming plumber’s smile while Elsa is touching her pussy, ready to have her pipes mended. Lily finally gets the point that her real job here is to clean out Elsa’s pussy with her warm lesbian tongue.

Lily drops to her knees, finger fucking Elsa’s eager wet pussy, her juices flowing over Lily’s hands. She grabs on to finish her pussy eating on the kitchen counter. Elsa moans with satisfaction, three fingers inside of her trusting and inducing her long and merciless orgasm. Lily demands Elsa turn around so she can look at her spectacular ass, as Lily removes her tank top and wraps it around Elsa’s neck, and ties her belt around her waist, taking complete control over her clients mental and physical state.

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