Elsa Jean and Lily Cade | The Plumber

Elsa Jean as a nude nypho and Lily Cade as lesbian tomboy plumber in The Plumber, a video at girlsway.

The Tomboy Tinsmith Does More Than Just A Leakage Fix

Lily man handles her client Elsa salaciously, both enjoying multiple orgasms, but their time isn’t done just yet…Lily is determined to fix Elsa’s pussy clog, rejuvenating her hole with some good old fashioned fingering.

Lily carries Elsa into her bedroom, wondering where she’d find the other leak. if this is where Elsa’s leak definitely sprung in between her legs, and Lily is just playing the game. They throw themselves on the bed, Lily taking charge of Elsa’s needs, going down on her shaved pussy, pinching her perky nipples. Elsa cannot stop moaning as Lily pushes her finger deep inside pumping and fingering her intensely, her juices coming out like fine rain.

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