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FrolicMe | Female friendly Videos |A nude blonde girl in the video Sexy Lover's Chair.
FrolicMe | Female friendly Videos | Ava Dalush nude in the video Drive Me Crazy at FrolicMe.
“I glance around at such a tranquil spot, how perfect for some outdoor sex and peaceful away from anything or anyone. …What a perfect place to be in, here with him. The afternoon air feels fresh, a clean cool feeling in my sheer blouse. I turn and find myself quietly admiring…”

Ava Dalush nude in the video Drive Me Crazy. Story by Ruth Le Roues.

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FrolicMe is the brainchild of Anna Richards, a lady who is acting out her sexual awakening at the age of 40 in highly sexual stories and films. She started her way into the world of Erotica by writing filthy fantasies in her blog.

FrolicMe | Female friendly Videos | Tina Kaye nude in the video The Mirror at FrolicMe.
“My mirror stays watching as I lay on the bed just before it. I release my legs completely from all clothing, my thighs free to expose and part, the air fresh upon my growing wetness.”

Tina Kay enjoys enjoying her boyfriend by enjoying herself in The Mirror. Story by Anna Richards.


Soon Anna started enriching her erotic stories with beautiful imagery to grow the fantasy, making it an even more enjoyable read.

My passion for such imagery grew to the extent that I questioned why there wasn’t more beautiful erotica on film, along the lines of the images I was posting. Why aren’t there films which play on erotic passion and desire, a good dose of temptation and hot bedded longing and yes ….with lots of gorgeous kissing.

FrolicMe | Female friendly Videos | A nude blonde girl in the video Sexy Lover's Chair at FrolicMe.
“Her longing was such she had often fantasized about being in the arms of her lover again, feeling his touch, his warmth and fingers all over her bare skin.”

Still from Sexy Lover’s Chair. Story by Ava Bellamy.


Consequently, Anna filled the gap herself, by becoming an erotic film director. What was a private blog of written Erotica transformed into a world of female fantasies and films in full bloom.

So you could say that I stumbled into this purely from a personal journey and passion for visualising delicious sexy fantasies

FrolicMe | Female friendly Videos | Sicilia Model, nude in the video Fucking High at FrolicMe.
“It’s a game that we’ve played before, but that never gets old–never gets less exciting. My wife would flirt with a stranger, pick him up, and eventually sleep with him… and I’d get to watch the whole thing. “

Sicilia Model, in the video Fucking High at FrolicMe. Story by Kenny Wright.