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FrolicMe | Female friendly Videos |A nude blonde girl in the video Sexy Lover's Chair.

Imagination is the key.

Within short time FrolicMe created an impressive collection of videos, photo galleries alongside an ever-growing collection of sexy, sensual and kinky stories. The written word has still a strong place at FrolicMe, many women in particular have been dedicated readers and writers of this genre for years, and some of the best authors are now regular contributors.

FrolicMe | Female friendly Videos | Tina Kay,nude in the video Piano at FrolicMe.
A delicious blow job scene from “Piano Sex”, sensual and slow and she swallows every last drop in such a refined fashion, an exquisite moment in sucking. Based on the erotic musical story of the same name, written by Sidney Sitravon.

Tina Kay blowing Alexei Jackson.

The videos, all produced and directed at FrolicMe, cover a wide range of fun and fantasies, from sunny sex in the morning to dark fetish fantasies of domination and submission.

Sometimes there’s a sub-dom relationship, or a raw passionate fuck in a bed, sometimes there’s just this naughty encounter that they didn’t expect and it took their breath away. I play on the fantasy side as women have creative minds. Voyeuristic fantasies do well – sex in a lift for instance.

But they all have one in common, a highly aesthetic cinematography and an affectionate care for every little detail from the set design to the light  and the luscious lingerie.

FrolicMe | Female friendly Videos | Lucia Love and Sienna Day, nude in the video Golden girls.
“What was this strange new feeling? Why here? Why now? Unlike her university friends, Opal had never so much as dabbled in the fairer sex, and she was shocked to feel such an attraction now… But Opal quickly accepted this unexpected drive. When she thought about bedding the beautiful blond now in her employ, reservation melted into desire. But…”

Lucia Love and Sienna Day in Golden girls. Story by Cassie Kubrick.

All the stories like the films are downloadable, and in this case also to Kindle for reading later when those moments arise.

Deliriously Decadent.

The keyword at FrolicMe is Fantasy. It is not a place for “Real people having real sex”-videos. The performers are, of course, real people having, quite clearly ,real sex, but these explicit encounters are  shown as dreams of an unearthly beauty.

FrolicMe | Female friendly Videos | Silvie Deluxe nude in the video Sir.
“I do not belong to myself. I belong to the one who deserves my submission. I belong to the one who has earned my trust. To him I give my darkest desires. To him I give my most secret fantasies. I am his toy and his pet. I am his most coveted prize. I serve him and do his will. My body is for his pleasure. I seek to be pleasing and to please. Sir.”

Silvie Deluxe in Sir. Story by Hispetitelle.


FrolicMe | Female friendly Videos | Jasmine Jae and Ryan Ryder in the video Kinky Christmas.
“Jasmine Jae and Ryan Ryder, real life couple dressed in elegant attire enjoys their own evening of divine kinky fuckery complete with a beautiful mask to add some allure of mystery. Seeing her husband sat, eyes not diverting from her body, she moves closer to release him from his trousers and set about with some wet, face deep blow job and get him on the edge of horny pleasure.”

Jasmine Jae and Ryan Ryder in Kinky Christmas.