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THE BUSINESS OF WOMEN from directors Bree Mills and Stills by Alan, the highly anticipated feature debut at Girlsway.

 BOW pt. I | An Important Date

Samantha Rone and India Summer

‘The Business of Women Part 1: The Date’ introduces Samantha Rone as a beautiful but lonely escort on her first meeting with a high profile client. Upon arrival, Samantha is shocked to find out that her client isn’t a man, but rather a very powerful and mysterious woman, played by India Summer. After an evening with Samantha, Summer offers her the opportunity to leave her life of solitude. The scene fades out with Samantha looking up at her new mistress ready to respond.

Samantha Rone and India Summer nude in THE BUSINESS OF WOMEN, a lesbian porn noir at Girlsway.
Samantha Rone meets her mysterious client, India Summer in “The Date”

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