The Business of Women | GirlsWay

THE BUSINESS OF WOMEN from directors Bree Mills and Stills by Alan, the highly anticipated feature debut at Girlsway.

BOW pt. VI | The Showdown

Shyla Jennings, Vanessa Veracruz, Samantha Rone and India Summer

‘The Business of Women Part 6: The Showdown’ The story of BOW has come a long way, and with it’s sixth and final release comes the closing of an epic masterpiece. Part six is all about Ms. Summer regaining control of “The Business of Women,” as her girls lure in Ms. Veracruz. Vanessa flaunts her jewels in front of India taunting her, and laying the facts out for her. Vanessa has her daughter, her last girl, her business, and seemingly the upper hand.
Ms. Summer stands, face to face with Ms. Veracruz and challenges her to exert her control. But as soon as Ms. Summer speaks, the cards turn, and Samantha and Shyla take the side of the hand that feeds. India instantly assumes control. Vanessa’s words mean nothing any longer, and her subsequent break down leaves her dragged through India’s mud, begging to come back to the home she’s always been destined for.

a girlsway feature series