The Business of Women | GirlsWay

THE BUSINESS OF WOMEN from directors Bree Mills and Stills by Alan, the highly anticipated feature debut at Girlsway.

 BOW pt. II | Homecoming

Charlotte Stokely, Samantha Rone and India Summer

‘The Business of Women Part 2: Homecoming’ In the second installment of the series Samantha Rone moves into her new home at Miss India Summer’s mansion, officially joining “The Business of Women.” Upon arrival, Samantha encounters Charlotte Stokely, Miss Summer’s confident,assertive assistant, dedicated to India and her empire.  As they take the tour around the house looking for their boss, Charlotte makes it very clear that after India, she is in charge and what she says, goes.
After getting caught bad mouthing Miss Summer, Charlotte is forced to go down on Samantha. India feels Charlotte and Samantha both need a lesson in respect and with that, India summons them into her bedroom.
Their fates are now in the hands of one powerful woman.

a girlsway feature series